Caffeine and tears 1

Coffee is probably the ‘oldest’ energy drink existing…fake facts;What I’m trying to say is,coffee compliments certain moods.(personal opinion),for example; When it rains all I think about is coffee. Same case applies when Im cold and when hopeless…

Let me elucidate the hopeless part;

  • When everyone’s day was good and awesome but yours was ruined the minute you got out of bed because you stepped on flooded ground.
  • You open the window only to let in a bee insted of the birds morning song.

Your soul becomes weak then your body shuts down.

The sun becomes too bright, Sad songs on repeat, Everything turns grey; And thats when stress hits best.

Coffee is made and tears start welling your eyelids;

when you realise its the only thing keeping you warm

the only thing giving you strength to mutter bitter words to yourself in the midst of your crying. And when you think its getting better, the hot coffee spills on you!

that’s what hopeless looks like: spilled caffeine and tears.


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